Why is Winning Thousands of Dollars a Day Not One of the Secrets to Win at Blackjack?

If winning lots of money a day at blackjack does not mean you have the secrets to win at blackjack gaming – what is the secret to win then? There are lots of gamblers around casinos who like to ask the secret of blackjack, the secrets to winning big at blackjack and more similar questions that make them irritating to true blackjack professionals.

But do you know what – there is no secret!
It is all in knowing the rules and advantages to play the odds in favor of you against the house. So to achieve success in blackjack into your favor is easy. Just tilt the odds toward you, that’s all! The secrets of the game in order to win consistently are to know basic strategy and some other rules to help you achieve as a successful blackjack professional.

Let us talk some basic strategies – You must always know that the house gains its edge by letting the player deal the card first.

Hence, it is up to the player to understand and analyze when there is an advantage and to make full use of it at that moment. So, you must know how to play your first two cards with reference to the dealer’s up card. Let us talk about some hard hand rules. A hard hand is one where two of your starting cards do not have an ace.

It sounds pretty bad. But as I always tell my guys, the aim is to beat the dealer’s hand, that is all that matters.

So some rules to note:-

1) If you have an 8 or less in total, it is common logic to hit and just always hit.

2) When you have a 9 in total – you double up (meaning you increase 2 folds, the chips you are playing on the table for that game, with the handicap to be given one more card only) if the dealer has a 3 through 6 in total of his or her up card. Otherwise, just hit.

3) If you have a 10 in total – double up if the house has a 2 through 9 in total. Otherwise, just hit.

4) When the total is 11, brace yourself and double up to hopefully get lucky 21! But if the dealer up card is an ace, you have no choice but to hit only.

Here are the tricky parts:-
5) If you have a 12 in total – Stand (meaning to play no more and wait to see if the dealer go bust first) when the dealer has a 4 through 6 in total. If the dealer has a 2 or 3 or 7 through 10 or ace in his or her up card, you must hit.

6) For your cards with 13 through 16 in total – Stand when the house has a 2 through 6 in its up card. Otherwise just hit.

7) If you have a 17 through 21 in total – Stand and hope for the best!From these sure win blackjack techniques, you can see that playing and winning blackjack is a matter of tilting the odds’ probability towards you. It is that simple, really.

Through playing more and more blackjack in free online blackjack games, (do not play with real money in online casino gaming when you do not understand the rules in online gaming) you will definitely train yourself to further your skills in blackjack, using just basic blackjack strategies. Ultimately, to upgrade your skills and know more about the secrets to winning at blackjack, feel free to drop into my other artile reads.

The basic blackjack strategy secret to win at blackjack is a matter of mathematics. Other winning secrets are not to forget how much training you put through to learn the game and then to fine tune all types of blackjack skills that suit you the most.

So go forth and conquer the casinos! May you achieve your success in blackjack gaming!